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Thank you for your continued support for my wonderful friend as she powers through this journey…she is so loved and I am so grateful for that.


…just a quick note for you…

I just want you to know that I love you and everyday you’re making TREMENDOUS strides. This week you went shopping, cleaned the house a bit, swam with your daughter in the pool, and took a shower by yourself.  You can do anything. You will do everything.


Your Positives ARE BACK!


It’s the little things that get you back to the real you. Putting your wedding rings on, wearing all your favorite clothes and jewelry, and posting your positives of the day are just a few examples.  Since you’ve come home you’ve taken REMARKABLE steps in the right direction. Steps that doctors never thought you’d make and everyday you are becoming more and more your old self! Seeing your positive of the day was a happy, happy, heart healing surprise! So much so, that I had to blog about it!

Stay tunned for the blog about Annmarie’s First Birthday!

Just a little best friend love…

…cause that’s what best friends do!

You’ve been home for quite some time (yay!) and each day is a new battle for you, you’re finding that things you used to do so easily are a bit more challenging, but with time you are learning how to get them done in your own new way.

Spending time with your daughter has been a joy for your healing heart.  The other day a picture was posted of you sitting on the floor while Annmarie had tummy time – I’ve waited a long time to see that – pretty much the week after I met you and knew how bad you wanted a family and kids. I always had this beautiful mental image of you sitting on the floor playing happily with your son or daughter and although the journey to that moment seemed almost insurmountable at times, you made it, and it was even more beautiful than I had imagined, because it was real.

You always overcome.  That’s not luck or good karma.  It’s strength.  They surely broke the mold when they made you because they put all the mental muscle, all the positive thoughts, all the power into one teeny tiny little package called Kimberly.  You have always been someone I looked towards on a tough day, someone that I’d call for advice, someone I’d call to put me in my place when I was overreacting…and through all of this, through all of your pain you have still been that person for me. You still ask about MY troubles and MY pain because that’s just who you are. It amazes me everyday and it makes me feel SO lucky to have you as a friend.

We’d always say in college, “oh Kim?! That girl is so sweet…she’d give you the shirt off her back, even though it wouldn’t fit any of us!” 

There are no truer words, and anyone who has ever met you knows that about you.  You are one of the most genuine people I have ever met.



Kim, Christmas, and Farmville

Christmas time in Farmville with Kim was some of the best Christmas’ there were.  We so badly loved Christmas together.

We’d decorate our dorm room, and town house every year. Our freshman year we made ornaments, mine still hangs on my tree every year…it’s one of my absolute favorites.

Outside of decorating our residence we’d always make a point to dress up all snug and warm and stroll through “Downtown” Farmville. There was something about this quaint little village a Christmas time that just made you feel the peace and joy of the holiday season.  Christmas isn’t the same when you’re not in Farmville and thankfully we will always have memories of those four Christmas’ together in that sweet little town.

This year on Facebook, someone posted a picture of Farmville at Christmas, it instantly made me think of you and our four Christmas’ together.  I had to share it as part of your blog and part of your journey that I’m documenting, because these Christmas’ were among some of my favorite, and without them, there’d be no us.

Merry Christmas Kimmy (the post is late, but the love is still there!)


Our last texts [for a while]

I was looking back on my phone and came across some text messages between you and I that made me smile from ear to ear.  It was the last text message I received from you before you had your accident.

I had to take a screenshot of it and keep it because not only was it the last text message I got from you before your accident it was a text message that you sent to me on a day when I need text messages the most. A day where a friend reaching out to you puts a little piece of your heart together because at that moment you know that no matter what hell you are going through you aren’t going through it alone.

Screenshot_2015-01-08-09-52-28 (1) Screenshot_2015-01-08-09-52-08

You always know when i need you and you’ve always been there, we always would tell each other we’re only a phone call away.  People say that all the time, but rarely follow through….except for you.  You say it and you mean it 100% of the time. I’m so lucky to have such a thoughtful loving friend.  This won’t be our last text message conversation to each other – but it certainly is one that is very special to me (just like you).

I know that now text messages aren’t easy for you – but know that this hell you are going through, you are NOT going through alone.

Love you Kimmy girl!

Home Sweet Home

Three hundred and nine agonizing days.

That’s how long you weren’t home. 309 days.

That’s how long you battled and fought to overcome a tragedy that struck your world. 309 days.

That’s how long your husband and family traveled to see you. 309 days.

That’s how patient everyone had to be, including you. 309 days.

It’s not over, the battle has just begun. Except now it begins at home.

You made it home.

I’m so thankful that you are home. Surrounded by family with your daughter in your arms you finally made it home.

Shortly after you were hospitalized one of your sweet friends (another Kim) made ribbons for you.  These ribbons were passed around the hospital, businesses, friends, family and even complete strangers that heard about your story. It was a simple pink ribbon with one word on it “believe” – this was your word, you’ve carried it through all the difficult times in your life because believing gave you strength and comfort.  For a short while, we didn’t have you to guide us, so we sought refuge in your word and made it our own.

I wore my ribbon everyday, as did everyone else. I vowed that everyday I’d wear that ribbon, until you got home.  I vowed that if you could fight as hard as you were in that hospital and in rehab that I could support your fight and show it to the world by wearing my ribbon.  Often times I was asked, if someone I knew had breast cancer, or what the ribbon was for and I’d try to respond without crying.  My usual response was “My person was in a terrible accident in early February and remains in the hospital, she is fighting everyday and getting stronger and so is her baby girl. I know that she will be okay but this is just a friendly reminder that when I feel sad or lonely, I just have to believe. In her.”

It wasn’t enough. Sometimes it just didn’t bring me comfort. So I wore a believe charm on my wrist (given to me by your sweet sister in law), I found believe books, pictures, decorations, signs, computer backdrops, everything I could to get me through. During that time I also put a pink ribbon on my tree out front of my house, and I made a pink wreath for you.  I stated to anyone that asked that they would remain up until you came home.

Well you finally came home! I couldn’t have been more excited for you to be home, to have your own shower and bed, to watch your little girl play on the floor with her toys, to watch tv on your sofa, read your books, play your ipad, snuggle your sweet pup and precious kitten…to get back to normal.

I was hesitant and apprehensively optimistic that you’d actually leave the day everyone said you would (only because I know how discharge works at a hospital and something ALWAYS causes a delay)…but you did, you left that day. I ran outside and did my happy dance and cut down the ribbon and took down the wreath. You were home.

The ribbon was dingy and weathered, but like you it made it through the storm! (These are a little blurry because I had to cut and shoot at the same time…but you get the idea!

Just a reminder – this is how pink they were on day one! 

Welcome home sweet friend. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas Present!