Just a little best friend love…

…cause that’s what best friends do!

You’ve been home for quite some time (yay!) and each day is a new battle for you, you’re finding that things you used to do so easily are a bit more challenging, but with time you are learning how to get them done in your own new way.

Spending time with your daughter has been a joy for your healing heart.  The other day a picture was posted of you sitting on the floor while Annmarie had tummy time – I’ve waited a long time to see that – pretty much the week after I met you and knew how bad you wanted a family and kids. I always had this beautiful mental image of you sitting on the floor playing happily with your son or daughter and although the journey to that moment seemed almost insurmountable at times, you made it, and it was even more beautiful than I had imagined, because it was real.

You always overcome.  That’s not luck or good karma.  It’s strength.  They surely broke the mold when they made you because they put all the mental muscle, all the positive thoughts, all the power into one teeny tiny little package called Kimberly.  You have always been someone I looked towards on a tough day, someone that I’d call for advice, someone I’d call to put me in my place when I was overreacting…and through all of this, through all of your pain you have still been that person for me. You still ask about MY troubles and MY pain because that’s just who you are. It amazes me everyday and it makes me feel SO lucky to have you as a friend.

We’d always say in college, “oh Kim?! That girl is so sweet…she’d give you the shirt off her back, even though it wouldn’t fit any of us!” 

There are no truer words, and anyone who has ever met you knows that about you.  You are one of the most genuine people I have ever met.