Kim, Christmas, and Farmville

Christmas time in Farmville with Kim was some of the best Christmas’ there were.  We so badly loved Christmas together.

We’d decorate our dorm room, and town house every year. Our freshman year we made ornaments, mine still hangs on my tree every year…it’s one of my absolute favorites.

Outside of decorating our residence we’d always make a point to dress up all snug and warm and stroll through “Downtown” Farmville. There was something about this quaint little village a Christmas time that just made you feel the peace and joy of the holiday season.  Christmas isn’t the same when you’re not in Farmville and thankfully we will always have memories of those four Christmas’ together in that sweet little town.

This year on Facebook, someone posted a picture of Farmville at Christmas, it instantly made me think of you and our four Christmas’ together.  I had to share it as part of your blog and part of your journey that I’m documenting, because these Christmas’ were among some of my favorite, and without them, there’d be no us.

Merry Christmas Kimmy (the post is late, but the love is still there!)



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