So Proud of You

Your husband sent me this video earlier this month. I couldn’t be more proud. This came after I had a lovely one on one visit with you. I was so happy to just spend some time with you. Here your beautiful voice and have a conversation with you like old times. It’s been entirely too long, too much time has gone by without your giggles and wisdom.

When I saw this video, I cried. Here you are going through the most overwhelming, difficult, struggle of your life. Smiling. Grinning ear to ear because you are walking. Your progress has been insurmountable and your determination even more so.

I just wanted to post this so I could keep it forever, so it would be here with your story so you could remember your triumph and on days that you aren’t feeling so great…you get a little boost of “kick-ass” to tackle the next mountain.

You are so strong, you are so determined, and that alone will beat this.

I love you Kimmy.


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