Always Supporting You

Just wanted to share a few examples of how you are always on my mind and always with me. I miss you dearly, and I know that with every breath you take you are getting closer to the old you. In the meantime during your fight we are supporting you, having your back every single day! 


Karma and I supporting you from the front yard!


Support from the side door!


Constant support wherever I go, that bracelet hasn’t left my wrist since you gave it to me!


A Fun Day With AJack

So I finally decided on a nickname for Annmarie – AJack for Annmarie Jacqueline — You probably aren’t a fan, but I love it so it sticks. I’ll be the crazy aunt that gives her the crazy weird nickname. I got to spend some quality time with you and her on one of our last visits – here’s a sneak peek of all that fun! She looks really great in your glasses! 

wpid-20140712_132707.jpg wpid-20140712_132740.jpg wpid-20140712_133412.jpg

Unlike Humpty Dumpty, You Got Put Back Together Again

July 20, was a monumental day for you. You finally had your crainectomy reversed and your skull piece was put back on.  In order to do this you went to your fourth location. Not Mary Washington, not NRH, and not VA Medical Center….instead you were at Georgetown University Hospital. 

I came up to visit and sit with Scotty since we weren’t sure about the outcome or the timeframe since doctors tend to be extremely vague.  The doctors did mention that the outcome could be one of three: 1) You have more cognitive improvement after surgery, 2) You have less cognitive improvement after surgery, or 3) You stay at the same cognitive level you were before you had the surgery while you were at NRH. — obviously. 

We were waiting on pins and needles (trying to find snacks, that ended up being an Adam and Rita adventure, where I’m pretty sure we walked through a locker room, but I’ll save that for another blog post). Finally, we got impatient and Scotty decided to call and make sure that you were not still in surgery.  You had been moved back up to the ICU and the surgery had gone fine – the doctors said you did great. 

Scotty and I came to see you and boy was it tough, you looked great, considering what you had already gone through and what type of surgery you just had.  However, you were in pain. Apparently in recovery the staff did not give you any additional medication because you seemed comfortable, when the pain hit you, it hit you and it was hard to get control of it again.  You were wincing and whining in pain. No best friend wants to see that.  They didn’t let us spend much time with you since they were trying to get you comfortable so we hung out in the waiting room a bit and then I headed home.  Thinking of you and your struggle the entire time. 

I decided that one visit that week wasn’t enough, especially since it wasn’t a very good one – so I decided that I’d come back on the 21st and this time I’d bring Kristina.  Hopefully you’d be feeling a lot better – we heard that it was a possibility that AJack would be having her surgery as well, so we didn’t want you to be alone. We got there just as Amy was leaving, so it was just the three of us.  You were resting most of the day, which was wonderful to see, and you seemed pretty comfortable. Kristina and I just sat and watched you, making sure you had what you needed.  Your nursing staff was amazing! By far the best staff I think we’ve seen with you yet.  I was really liking Georgetown. 

It was so nice to see your head, and your whole head, in the proper shape! It was a shame that your head had to be shaved again but at least this was the last time and it was all shaved to the same length….so that your hair can grow back beautifully as you recover. 

You’ve made tremendous strides and I’m so proud of you. I know the best is yet to come! Just keep fighting! 


AJack, You, and I just before you were moved to do your reverse-hemi – what a precious little love.