120, Proving Them Wrong

It’s been 120 days…since this nightmare started…each and everyone has been like nails on chalkboard, like the worst freddie movie, like an impossible to escape nightmare on Elm Street.

But everyday you make strides….sometimes you get set back a bit, but most days it’s forward….and I’m thankful that there are more forward moments than backwards moments.

Today, day 120 was a big day…today you had your swallowing test.  And for the first time in 120 days, exactly four months since your accident, you swallowed applesauce.  A food, a real, delicious, probably amazing food! And when asked you said you liked it and you wanted more.

This is a huge day Kimmy – I texted Scotty and he called to tell me because he was on his way to you, going up for his regular Wednesday visit. He sounded relieved.  He’s so tired and he’s doing so well, being by your side and being the greatest father to that little girl.

Big steps forward today love. When I finally make it up there to see you, I’m bringing you some chocolate pudding and maybe even ice cream – if they’ll let me! 🙂

I can’t wait to see you.




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