National Best Friend Day

This week the world celebrated, National Best Friend Day!

Welp, I did too, except not the way I would have wanted too.  This day normally would have consisted of a lengthy phone call where we exchanged laughter, vented, talked about plans and if we really had our shit together would maybe have included a lunch somewhere in the middle between your house and mine.

Instead, I spent it thinking about you – and how much I miss you, and how differently the day should be.  Amanda and I spoke, we played phone tag all day but finally caught up! We chatted a bit, she asked about you and I told her the recent news. You are making such great progress, but your struggle is still very real, and your destination, although closer, is still very far away.

There is one thing about how I celebrated National Best Friend Day that isn’t different – and that was that I celebrated you and Amanda. My girls…the part of me that’s external to my being, but still very much me!

10268637_10102027243893808_1855669701830228641_nI miss you terribly and even though we couldn’t talk or share the day together, you were still in my heart, and next year on National Best Friend’s Day…you, me, Amanda, and Annmarie will spend it together….as we should, smiling, laughing, eating, and carrying on the way we always do.  It’ll happen because I believe in your strength!


Just keep on fighting, keep proving them wrong, keep dropping their jaw. Every. Single. Day. You will shine, again.

I love you!


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