[Memory] Interior Decorating

I’ve always thought a lot about you, happy memories of you usually cross my mind several times a week, and not a day goes by when something doesn’t happen to me and I think “oh, gotta call Kim”.  Since February 11, 2014 – that has changed dramatically.  You are in every single thought I have.  If I’m doing something that makes me smile I want to tell you about it. If I’m doing something that makes me sad, I want to call you and talk through it with you.  Every baby, every child, every pregnant mom to be, and every mother makes me think of you. Everyday.  Lately, when I’ve been feeling sad, I’ve turned to photographs to help me remember “good times” – a few nights ago, I was rummaging through photo albums on my phone and came across your wedding.

Your wedding, the day you and Scotty made, what we already knew, official to the whole world (your love for each other) was a wonderful day for many reasons.  You were the first to get married out of all of our friends, it was such a special day.  I remember crying so hard before you walked down the aisle.  There was a moment during the procession, when all the other bridesmaids were gone, and it was just you and I for a few seconds.  We hugged and told each other how much we loved each other.  I knew in that moment that even though you were getting married and Scotty would be your number one, that you’d forever be my person, regardless of where you decided to live or whatever adventures crossed your path.  That moment will never leave me, I will always remember how immediately after that hug, my tears stopped.  I pulled myself together, happily, smiled, and walked down the aisle.  I saw Scotty and his face lit up because he knew after me, came you.  Everything he ever wanted, all his joy was apparent in his expression.  That moment was perfect.  I reached my spot in that Catholic church and I stopped and turned to face the audience, at that moment the doors closed, the music changed, everyone stopped and took a breath.  When those doors opened you were there with your daddy and a smile so big I couldn’t help but smile back.  You were so beautiful. Glowing.  Your dress fit you like a glove (all thanks to Mama G) and you strutted down the aisle.  I’ll never forget it.

Your wedding was beautiful.

There are always things that go wrong on a wedding day, most of yours was leading up to your wedding, the only thing I really remember was the fact that your unity candle wouldn’t stay lit (for some reason I kept noticing that one thing, and it made me really upset – how dare that candle, didn’t it know it was your wedding day, for Pete’s sake).

Your reception was perfect.  The two of you were announced in and so happy.  Scotty still looks at you today the way he looked at you that day.

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hulick

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hulick

Scotty danced with his mother, Anita, she was stunning in her iridescent gown….

Mother & Son Dance

Mother & Son Dance

We all watched with tears in our eyes as you and Scotty danced your first dance.


First Dance


Amanda and Adam were so young and so small then. It’s hard to imagine how quickly they have grown.


Nieces and Nephews

We all toasted that day to you and Scotty, true love, friendship, and soul mates.


A toast to Kings and Queens

Then we hit the dance floor, for some serious party time….Adam was a monster on the dance floor that night, busting out some never before seen moves.


Sheer raw talent

Your Alpha Delta Pi sisters gathered around you to sing to you and wish you well in your marriage, it was so sweet to see your family and all the ADPi lineage that you were apart of in your family.


ADPi circle of love

DJ JJ kept us on the dance floor all night, and we even kept the party going longer than we had originally planned.  We danced well past midnight and then the trouble started! Your dad even got a dance in with my mother (a moment I will truly treasure)….


Mamma G and Poppa!

It was such a fun night, Jersey (Mike) caught the garter and I caught your bouquet.  I still have that bouquet it sits in my guest room in a vase.  Every time I see it I think of you and smile, that was such a fun night.


Bouquet and Garter

At some point during the night, Kristina and I, decided to play a cute little harmless prank on the newlyweds.  We managed to get your parents on board, which ended up not being too difficult, and we got a key to your honeymoon suite.

We couldn’t think of anything to do that wouldn’t end up costing you money due to room damages…so we decided to tamper with your stuff….! We took all the place cards we could, without seeming to obvious, and wrote messages all over them.  Some were nice, some where naughty and we hid them in the most random places….all throughout your luggage, in your bed sheets, in the bathroom, Jacuzzi, etc….pretty much anywhere we could.

We thought it was hilarious, it was the prank that kept on pranking…just when you thought you had found them all, you’d be in Florida and you’d take out a shirt to wear and BOOM, more bridesmaids knowledge. We laughed a good while about that one, you did too! It was more of a nuisance than an actual prank, but it sure was funny.  We even managed to pick up two people willing to help along the way.  Ultimately there were four of us involved (plus your parents) in the crime…here is our mugshot!



Yes…we pranked you, but seriously, that was a perfect day and a perfect wedding that all led to a perfect union between two people. I remember being so utterly happy for you that day, everything was happy.  You got married, there were no signs of fertility issues or sick moms or dads, everyone was happy, everyone was healthy. Life was good and it was going to get great! I know we are still all waiting on the great part…but it’s coming…you’re almost there.  You became one step closer to your dream on this day…and one more step closer on March 25th 2014 when Annmarie was born…each day that passes is a day you get stronger.  Your one day closer to your dream, just keep fighting.


I love you. You’ll always be my person.


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