Your Brother


Your brother has put on a strong, funny face through all of this. He’s hiding his pain well, but we all know that he is having a hard time with this, probably harder than the rest of us.  His older sister, who has constantly been in his life since he was put on this earth, you, is in pain.  He can talk to you but you’re not quite answering (yet!) He misses your voice, he misses your wisdom, and guidance, he misses seeing your face when he tells you about his darling son Tucker, your little nephew that you are so proud of.

This is Ryan, A.K.A. Dr. Chex.

He helped shave your head to make you more “streamlined”.  He’s helped you with your Physical Therapy, Tried on your helmet and neck brace for you, and been one of the only people you reacted to for a while.  There is a special bond between a sister and a brother that is obvious between the two of you.  The biggest hug will be shared between the two of you, soon, very soon. I know you know how much he loves you and I know you know how much he cares and how much he is hurting with all of this….I know you’d change it sooner if you could, but in your own time you’ll come back to him, good as new.



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