Amanda’s Visit To See You & Baby A

Last Friday March 28th, Amanda and I came to visit you and Annmarie…

It was a Friday so we thought the best plan of a attack was to visit Annmarie upstairs in the NICU first – we figured she’d get a lot of attention after school let out and she only gets to have visitors two at a time, whereas we can have a party in your room! She so cute she was only three days old and she was already off her oxygen mask and being a fierce little champ. The only thing she had on was her little cannula for oxygen (you can’t build Rome in a day).



I got to hang out with her a little bit and so did Amanda, Scotty tried so hard to get us on video, but we refused (I’ll tell you how I feel when you wake up, I believe, and I’ll have a lifetime to tell baby Annmarie).

Little AJH, so precious, so tiny, so perfectly perfect.  I’m so in love with her, mostly because she’s yours, but also because look how cute she is!



If you put your ear up to her incubator you could hear her making the tiniest little squeaks, it was the cutest noise I’d ever heard, most babies that are three days into this world either scream or sleep – this was just pleasantly peaceful.  I kept listening to her incubator, like putting your ear against a shell to hear the ocean. Bliss.



I tried to record her sounds, but it was hard to pick it up on my phone – it was that faint…


Amanda got some photo time with Annmarie as well…we both wanted to make sure we had something special to take a picture with her.  Amanda used her believe bracelet, cause quite frankly, we believe in both of you!


I used the last gift I got from you for a couple of reasons.  1) You gave it to me 2) It was the last gift I got from you 3) It’s an anchor that represents hope, stability, and strength and that’s what I believe you have.



Quite frankly I think the little lady looks great in jewelry – I’ll start buying her some now! She’ll jingle like her mamma in no time!



One more, because sheesh she’s cute!

We said goodbye to Baby A, AJ, Annie, Annmaire (not sure which one I like yet, but I’m thinking Annmarie, it’s classy) and headed downstairs to see you.  It was a nice change of pace to see you not in the ICU, you had been moved to a step down unit, baby steps in the right direction (you’re getting closer to the exit door!)

We were shocked when we walked into your room, mainly because you. weren’t. there.

Mary Ellen was sitting in your room reading, were were slightly confused. Apparently you had just been taken down for an MRI on your shoulder, they think it is still dislocated.  We waited a while and talked to Mary Ellen about your recent status, soon enough you came back.  More suprisingly you were rather awake considering they put you under for the MRI.  Amanda got to see those big, beautiful, kind eyes…and we both got to hold your hand and tell you stories.  You were rather drowsy so no commands, but that’s okay, you needed some rest.


You had a great grip on Amanda’s hand, I think she was finally relieved to see you in person, and even more relieved that you wanted to hold her hand. You kept reaching out for her, I think you knew it was a new person that hadn’t been to see you yet.

I massaged your hands a bit with lotion and scratched your head a little.  Your hair is getting long and so, so thick.

We stayed for quite some time and as predicted the masses came. Someone even bought you a congratulations baby cake!


You’re going to be such a fantastic mother, I wish I’d told you that more before the accident, but I’ll keep telling you now.  Your daughter though, she’ll be a handful, I can tell that even though she looks like Scotty she fights like you, you’ll definitely have your hands full.

I love you Kimmy girl and I can’t wait to till our next visit!


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