Find Strength

It’s been so hard lately.  Everything seems to be slowing down, less visitors and fewer updates; people have been going back to business as usual.  Except you.  You’re still there, growing your baby girl, clinging to life and fighting as hard as you can.  Your family is still fighting, sitting with you everyday, believing.  I am still believing, but it’s hard.  The negative news begins to wear on you, you start to feel hopeless, helpless, things begin to feel like they are spinning out of control.  Then I focus my energy to you. I think of you.  I think of your pain, your struggle, this nightmare. I think of your family, how horrible they must feel, how hard this must be for them, and I realize that I have to get myself together.  I’ve been through this journey before…and now it’s on me to comfort you and your family to pull you through this so we can all see that the best is yet to come. 

I saw this picture while looking for inspiration and encouragement….and I realized that even though it’s just white letters on a black background, it’s true.  The best is yet to come.  


One day this will be a stain on an otherwise, happy glorious and successful life.  It doesn’t look like it now, or feel like it, but it will.  We’ll all look back and wonder how we got through it, and some of us probably won’t be able to even imagine that it ever happened or how awful it was when it did happen.  Exactly like, right now, when we can’t imagine that you are going through this, not only that it happened, but it happened during a moment in your life that is supposed to be the most happy, perfect, precious moment, the one you and Scotty have been waiting years for.  

It’s been hard, there are days when I struggle beyond words.  There are days I look to others for strength.  There are days when even others are low and we simply cling to each other until something positive pulls us out of our pit of despair.  Those moments don’t mean that we’ve lost hope in you, or that we no longer believe.  Those moments simply mean this battle we are fighting, this battle you are fighting, is a constant uphill struggle.  In order to beat the odds we have to believe not only in you, but in the doctors and nurses treating you, your little girl, and ourselves.

We all know that positive thing is not something I’m fond of, or even embrace.  You did.  You were the hopeful outlook in most our lives.  You found light in the darkest days and while you take this break, we will find light for you, bring it to you, and guide you through this nightmare.  Together.  Soon you’ll be good as new.  I know it.  Until then, I’m going to keep posting to this blog, sharing memories and your story…for now, you just focus on fighting this battle.  Your army is behind you every step of the way.  No man (or woman) will be left behind, not one. 



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