[Memory] 4 x 4 Birthday Party

I remembered an old story this morning…maybe one of our first trips together (we’ll see…). It was a trip we took in my 1992 Red Jeep Wrangler (which I still have today). We drove it to Williamsburg, for my little cousins birthday party in their neighborhood clubhouse (Windsor Forest). We were so excited to hang out with these younger kids. I still had the system in my Jeep so we haphazardly thumped our way down the road and pulled up fashionably late (we were probably lost).

We showed those kids all the “coolest” dances like the Chattahoochee, the Watermelon Crawl and of course, Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’.  We watched little Chelsea Perkins do the worm, which she still does today (when you’ve got a good party trick I reckon you stick with it). 

My aunt was so happy to have us there and my cousin thought her party was extra cool because her college cousin and her friends came to her birthday party. They all thought we’d sacrificed a Saturday night for them, little did they know we were geekin’ at how cool we thought they thought we were (some things don’t change)!


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