You’ve always shared your story.  You shared your story as a way to help you cope with the ups and downs, and every little struggle and hurdle that you faced; but you also shared your story to give others a feeling of companionship during their darkest moments.

There are others with a story like yours.  With a friend like me, that believes to her core that one day you’ll wake up and read this. Know that this story was to help me help you and help others that are supporting their family members and friends throughout their struggle.

This is not intended to be a story of your triumphs or of your failures. Nor is it intended to be a story of your struggles or my hopes.  What I want from this, its purpose, is to provide comfort to you as you heal, share your story with your daughter, remember some really great times we had, and anticipate the times we will have in the future.

I will tell your story in this blog, from my perspective, for you.

I will tell everyone how we got here.

Then and most importantly I will remind us both of the memories that lay deeply hidden in a twelve year friendship.
And when you wake up, we will continue to share your story, make new memories, and maybe because of all this say the F word a couple times.

I love you and you inspire me. Your strength through your struggles reminds me to be strong.  The love you have always shown for others in the midst of your troubles makes me strive to be a better person everyday.

Thank you for picking me up and taking me on this journey with you.  It is not, at this moment, what I would have wanted for you…but I know in time it will be.  One day you will find happiness and a full heart with the pitter patter of a little girls feet (and the dog, and the cat!) as you cuddle with your incredibly supportive husband and put this nightmare behind you.  Until that day comes, I will be with you every step of the way, doing everything I can.

…and the story continues…


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